Here we go! Our SNES game maker is growing with its first important resource editor: The SNES music tracker.

The tracker itself is fully integrated in the whole editor and can be accessed by simply creating a new “song” resource.

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in CIC

The CIC, or Checking Integrated CIC is a small chip, which is part of every SNES game cartridge and of every SNES itself.

The purpose of the CIC is to check whether the game is a original cartridge or an illegal copy. It also is used to perform a region check. Games from a different region have a different CIC code and therefore won’t run on a mismatching SNES.

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Welcome to my new development blog. With this blog I’d like to keep you up to date about our current SNES game development.

The goal of the project is to create a new action adventure or role playing game for SNES.

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Benjamin Schulte

Welcome to my new blog which presents the current state of our SNES game project

Software developer

Cologe, Germany